Thursday, February 6, 2014

KIMOTA! it's a miracle this ever got resurrected.

 from his eruption onto the British comic scene
in 1954 as MARVELMAN to the series' abrupt and incomplete ending in 1994 because of the demise of ECLIPSE Comics,the myth and legend of MIRACLEMAN has continued through the kind of  adversity that only a super adventurer could know,........... to tiring legal battles that only Billy Batson, a.k.a.CAPT MARVEL, a.k.a. SHAZAM!, could know, and was created as a direct result of the former's UK publisher losing the rights to the latter. ,whose own legal wars over nomenclature, titling and questionable originality of character mirror one another.
 and not to face this re-introduction without some sort of controversy one need look to the credit page for the writer who will not be named, the "ORIGINAL WRITER",  the artist formerly known as Alan Moore, who's continued war against the diabolic duo of American comics: MARVEL and DC rages with unending spite and fury.

 but now to the point that i really wish to make.

MIRACLEMAN (once recognised everywhere but NorthAm as MARVELMAN) is back in print! featuring recolored artwork from Gary Leach, which has done wonders for the work giving it a much improved aesthetic over the ECLIPSE version and clarity that even exceeds the original black and white printings from WARRIOR Magazine (which is of course also defunct).
also included are additional stories culled from throughout the character's  history and includes behind the scenes look into the art and most of the creators.
what is easily obscured by all the lawsuits, incomplete series, bankruptcies and skulduggery is that the character is wonderful, deserving of praise and stature alongside the titans of the capes and tights set like Superman and The Amazing Spider-Man, who to their fortune had consistent publishing from inception.

 Alan Moore masterfully reinvents the character from standard Do-Gooder science hero into a far more complex and fully realised one. he lets the characters grow up reaching beyond the often inflexible conceptual ceiling of the genre, transcending adolescent power fantasies and bravely asks the questions of how power and ability influence and corrupt.
it navigates all the staple concepts of this kind of fiction while opening new doors with each successive adventure.
 the artwork is tremendous. Leach being a disciple of sleek clean British linework like contemporaries Alan Davis(who later in the series takes the reigns from Leach), Brian Bolland or Dave Gibbons, always structurally sound , technically flawless and anatomically correct while always being dynamic and exciting, full of emotion. the absolutely fluid storytelling that flawlessly moves the reader through the narrative while wowing and exciting the mind with incredible concepts and visual ideas.

finally this groundbreaking series sees print again. new and improved and hopefully it stays that way.

ps:i could have also digressed into waters involving Neil Gaiman(who took over Marvelman's writing after Alan Moore divested himself of it) JK Rowling , Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone or as it's known occasionally as The Sorcerer's Stone and tangentially suggest that all of JK's prose was cribbed from Mr Gaiman but i won't go down that slope today.

pps:oh, and then Gaiman sued Todd McFarlane when the latter tried poaching the rights to the series from the wreckage of ECLIPSE.

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