Monday, September 11, 2017


Jordie Bellaire is widely acknowledged in the comics community as if not the best colorist ( and I think she is) but certainly she is the most prolific and decorated in her craft.
Her ability to speedily and deftly add colored dimensions to just about any art style and within any type of book makes her a highly sought out commodity.
Plenty of primary artists have made the turn to writing in the last few years: Becky Cloonan, Jason Latour, Brian Michael Bendis for that matter, now Jordie steps to the plate with REDLANDS.
And Sweet Lord Below.... she comes out with blazing hellfire with a story that channels the dark depths to drag you into its thrall.

Vanessa Del Rey is best known for her work on Image's Hit and Boom's Empty Man. She is a versatile artist who has opened the artistic Necromicon for this.
Alternately unsettling,and down right horrifying this is a horror mag on a mission.

These ladies, along with arcane typesetter, Clayton Cowles are coming for your soul.

REDLANDS is a blend of Southern Gothic, supernatural horror, ancient grudges and modern angst and it rolls over you in fevered waves.
Bleak rural vistas, people and place rotted from humidity and hate. Fetid and sinister swamps,  filled with sharp toothed and diseased creatures only slightly more dangerous and venal than the deluded locals. Then there is an old and vengefully devout coven about to set fire to it all.
Too often a comic feels like the artist and writer are not working together. Redundancy abounds in modern comics, the narrative Silly Putty stretched almost beyond recognition to maximaize page count with terminally unvisual art, damn the story.

This is not that kind of book. Torturously paced, with evil lurking around every page. The  words and image achieve that symbiosis that is essential in all great comics. Visual metaphors and hieroglyphic construction, filled with purposed and encrypted dialogue. Each statement is pregnant with menace, every name is a curse.

Pure Witchcraft.

This series will seep into your pores and possess you. Give in. Don't miss out.
Issue One is still on the shelves and Issue Two arrives Wednesday September 13th

Check out more at

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A brief Preview of #1 is available here via Previews Mag.

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