Friday, July 11, 2014

gone FISCHing

 reading SCOOBY DOO TEAM-UP to my son i noticed the name attributed to the author,
 i'd seen it before in the pages of the recent ACTION COMICS but hadn't given it a second thought.
at first it sounded too cliche, an all too  stereotypical NooYawk/Jersey name that woulda fit right in tight with Shelly Meyer, Jules Schwartz and all those Americanised Jewish names that seemingly most of Comicdom worked under in the Golden and Silver ages.
 Jacob Kurtzberg's ghost was calling.....

due to the overwhelmingly well written tale that featured not just the MYSTERY INC. gang and The BATMAN, it also featured 60's relic and 5th dimensional imp BATMITE.  there were so many well executed nods and tips of the hat to comics and teevee of yesteryear and the unabashed love of BATMITE got me intrigued.
 i sought to discover more of this writer's work and found some confounding information about his contributions to comics and beyond.

 as my conspiratory thinking got really cookin', could this be just Grant Morrison, the Mad Mage of DC simply spreading his wings under another moniker? he's used many styles and written just about every type of story under the sun, not to mention a few about multiple personalities so i figured that Mr. Fisch's byline in the back pages of a Morrison mag might be reasonable....
 so into the digital waters i dove....

 turns out that Scholly Fisch is a real and terrific human being completely separate from Grant Morrison. tho Morrison was instrumental in getting the good man on the Action Comics gig.

 nonetheless his comics resume is extensive tho relatively low profile.
he's put pen to many a DCU title ALL NEW BATMAN, SCOOBY-DOO WHERE ARE YOU?
 he's also written a litany of other titles and stories for other publishers: MR PEABODY AND SHERMAN for IDW and
WHAT IF?, WHAT THE? MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS and  MARVEL AGE for that other company whose name i just typed thrice so i need not repeat it.
the guy's being writing comics for 25years and i didn't notice until about two years back.

i was floored.

his dedication and devotion to children and their development is a revelation and boon.
not to mention they're some really fun and good reads.

 meet Dr Shalom Fisch PhD,
Developmental Psychologist and former Vice President for Program Research Sesame Workshop, President and Founder of MediaKidz .
 he has also penned multiple essays, examinations and treatises on children's education such as  Children's Learning from Educational Television: Sesame Street and Beyond and G IS FOR GROWING which collected studies on sesame streets effect on kids.

 ya getta load of that!

oh ya, and this month CATWOMAN 29 is scripted by .....
so go check that out or some SCOOBY-DOO TEAM UP.|
it's well worth your time.

and here's a bunch more links to trace the good Doctor's history:


  1. Hi --

    Not sure if you're still checking comments, since you posted this entry almost a year ago. But I just stumbled across it now, so I wanted to send a quick note.

    Wow, what a nice surprise! Nope, I'm not Grant Morrison, although that is a funny thought, and it would probably come as kind of a shock to both of our wives. But it's always good to hear that people think I'm a "terrific human being." I'm sure you're pretty swell yourself. :)

    Most of all, I'm glad you and your son have been enjoying Scooby Team-Up. It's been a whole lot of fun to write -- and it's given me the chance to write a bunch of characters whom I loved in my own childhood and probably never would have gotten the chance to write otherwise. (There aren't many opportunities out there to write Secret Squirrel or the Great Gazoo these days. Not to mention that I'm always happy to write Bat-Mite whenever I can.)

    Anyway, thanks very much for the kind words -- and for spreading the word about Scooby Team-Up!

    Sholly Fisch

    1. caught me. i sadly have fallen off paying attention to this blog.
      but thank you so very much for your response, your kind words and
      of course....for making the wonderful things you make.
      i'm a little awed that you found my piece and took the time to write.
      thx again.