Sunday, August 17, 2014

THE BLITZ! is coming.

i miss self contained stories.
and i believe as creators of serialized periodical literature
-comic book type persons, i mean you-
we owe it to the readers to at least make each chapter
-even if it's part of a larger story-
readable on its own.
i loved the back-up stories that NATIONAL used to run.
quite often they were better than the feature.
stories are our means of conveying knowledge and aspirations, history and dreams, past future and present can collide in whichever way we choose and often the best stories are a complete mess of appropriated truths mashed together to make a point or poignant drama.
i prefer a cinema vérité approach to writing, carefully choosing my angles but always being honest.
"i always tell the truth. even when i lie"- Tony Montana
if nothing else my fictions tell the actual feelings from my sternly subjective viewpoint.

sharpen your wits and sense of adventure.
and dress warm,
it's cold out there.

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