Monday, March 9, 2015


FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is coming upon May 2nd. just under two months.

Amongst the many great books you can sample from, one of the highlights for me will be the
 DARK CIRCLE COMICS issue that is being released.

DARK CIRCLE is ARCHIE COMICS superhero imprint. Known once upon a time as RED CIRCLE. Publishing a host of titles such as THE SHIELD, THE FOX, BLACK HOOD, JAGUAR and The FLY. the imprint also released a number of mystery and occult themed titles like FORBIDDEN WORLDS and CHILLING ADVENTURES IN SORCERY.(which was narrated by everyone`s favorite teenaged witch Sabrina.)

These titles and characters have seen various revisions and reimaginings but none more impressive that the current incarnations.
BLACK HOOD by Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos is already out and it was top notch grimy pulp fare. The first issue was like a slug to the head and finds the titular character gunned down within the first few pages. Makes for a good start.

 THE FOX has been previously treated to a mini-series by MARK WAID and DEAN HASPIEL which was both action packed and full of fun. The new series which is out April 8th  figures to offer the same.

And on April 15th THE SHIELD returns in another wholly reinvisioned take that looks be able to take all the other Flag waving ans Star-Spangled do-gooders to task.  
Written by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig with art by David Williams, Gary Martin, Rachel Deering andKelly Fitzpatrick

Prepare to be amazed by these vibrant new series.

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